Dispensary Wiring Blog 1/22/2020

Keep the Roaches Out of…

It took a matter of five days before an Illinois dispensary fell victim to a heist. Police believe the robbery was perpetrated by an employee or at the very least aided by someone who worked there. The burglar used an employee key card to gain access, and a torch to cut into the safe. Mission…

Dispensary Wiring Blog 1/6/2020

To Terabyte or to Not

Illinois has specific guidelines that must be adhered to regarding video surveillance of a cannabis dispensary. Think I’m kidding?  It even goes so far as to tell you the minimum size your monitor for viewing must be (19”), who can access it, and where it must be located...

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“Connectivity finds a new and improved definition with our Phone and VoIP installation services to keep everyone in your organization in touch with each other. Find new avenues for ensuring security through our access control systems for safeguarding your business systems and processes from unauthorized access. Our experienced and dedicated wiring specialists follow best practices to take care of all your cabling needs with ease.


  • CAT 5/6/7 and Fiber Optic Installation
  • Phone and VoIP Installation
  • Server Room Clean Up/Wire Management
  • Access Control Systems
  • Audio/Visual Installation & Set Up


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  • Work Station & Desktop Deployment
  • End-Point Protection & Monitoring
  • Knowledgeable Team Members
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